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A poem for our delivery Heroes

Finding Inspiration in Every Delivery


Diny's Tribute to Delivery Heroes

In Diny's world, where prehistoric wonders stride,
There are modern Heroes who in vans and cars ride. FedEx, Amazon, UPS, and DHL's crew, Deliver comfort and excitement, through skies of blue and gray hue.

But beyond the parcels and the packages they bring, There's a deeper sacrifice that makes our grateful hearts sing. Away from their families, their loved ones so dear, They work tirelessly, spreading far and wide cheer.

"Thank you," roars Diny, with heartfelt emotion, "For your dedication and unwavering devotion. For the moments missed, the dinners late, For being there for us, no matter how long the wait.

FedEx's swift fleet, Amazon's endless stream, UPS's steady course, DHL's dream team. In rain, in shine, through storm and calm, Your hard work and sacrifice is a healing balm.

So here's to the ones who make our days brighter, Whose absence from their families makes our gratitude tighter. In every package, a story of love and care, A reminder of the sacrifice they willingly bear.

In the land of dinosaurs, giants, and more, We cherish the heroes who come to our door. Thank you, brave couriers, for all that you do, In Diny's world and ours, our thanks are to you."

Thank you from the Banchs family!



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