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Welcome to Red Rock Ops – Las Vegas-Based Global Experts in Advanced Color Calibration

Red Rock Ops, headquartered in Las Vegas and serving a worldwide clientele, is a beacon of precision in the field of color calibration for live events. With over 22 years of experience, we specialize in utilizing state-of-the-art tools and methodologies to ensure your displays meet the highest standards of color accuracy and vibrancy.

Technical Excellence with Red Rock Ops:

  • Advanced Tools and Techniques: We employ industry-leading colorimeters like the C7 Colorimeter, C6 HDR 2000 Colorimeter, Klein k-10A Colorimeter, and the Colorimetry Research CR-250 Spectroradiometer to deliver unparalleled accuracy.

  • Versatile Calibration Capabilities: Our expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of color spaces and standards including Rec. 709, DCI P3, Rec. 2020, Rec. 2100, and sRGB, ensuring your content is vibrant and true-to-life across all mediums.

  • Precision LUT Engineering: We specialize in creating precise 3D LUTs for detailed color grading, catering to the unique requirements of OLED Calibration, Laser Projection, LCD Displays, and OLED Displays.

Our Services:

  • Consulting with Cutting-Edge Tools: Leverage our technical expertise for perfect color alignment using advanced tools like Portrait Displays and Klein k-10A Colorimeter.

  • Sales and Engineering Advice: We guide you in selecting the best calibration tools and software, backed by our extensive experience in the industry.

  • Custom Training Solutions: Our training programs are designed to elevate your team's understanding of color science and calibration techniques, including mastering gamma settings like ST 2084 Gamma.

Red Rock Ops is not just a service provider; we are your technical partners in achieving the epitome of color perfection. Our services cater to the intricate needs of Broadcast Engineers, Media Server Operators, Video System Integrators, and more.

Red Rock Ops: Where Technical Mastery Meets Visual Brilliance Join the ranks of industry leaders who trust our Las Vegas-based color professionals for their global color calibration needs. With Red Rock Ops, experience the synergy of advanced technology and expert knowledge.

Let's collaborate to create visually and technically extraordinary displays – where every color is a testament to precision and quality.

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We offer sales, integration, and distribution for Singular Live Overlay graphics suite. is a web-based software service that is compatible with Broadcast, Live Events, Streaming Webcasts, Podcasting, House of Worship, and Education applications. Singular is the most streamlined and professional way to add live overlay graphics to your next live broadcast.

Ask us how you can integrate Singular into your next project.


Looking for the most advanced Color Calibration suite on the market? We provide on-site color calibration services for Broadcast, Live Events, Content Studios, Netflix Production Studios, and AR/VR/XR production facilities. We also offer sales, training, integration, and consulting suited to your workflow. We have years of experience in the aforementioned markets. Contact us to discuss how we can create a workflow that fits your needs.  


We offer a selection of specialized Video Rental Equipment. From Tri-Stimulus Colorimeters, to Spectroradiometers as well as the Barco e2 High Resolutions Video Processing suite, and CALMAN Loaded systems. We also offer On-Site highly-skilled technicians to assist you with your operational needs. Our systems are available on short notice and delivered anywhere in the Continental US. Contact us to arrange your next rental. 

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Contact us and find how our Color Calibration, Live Overlay Graphics, and Rental services can benefit your company.

Las Vegas, NV

(888) 715-5175

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